Frequently Asked Questions


What do I need to bring with me to the pool sessions?

You should bring with you the usual attire you would take when you go for a swim ie swimwear and a towel. Also bring an old t-shirt (and shorts if you want to).


What coaching is available at the pool?

All (well, most!) of our older members are more than happy to provide some basic coaching at the pool sessions but if you fancy some more formal coaching then speak to one of the committee members who will point you in the right direction.


Can I go to the Edge pool sessions on a Tuesday?

Yes! Hammersmith Blades members can attend the pool sessions hosted by Edge at the Isleworth Pool on Tuesday 8.45-10pm. They charge £3 for this session.


Can I play canoe polo at the pool?

The club is starting up canoe polo and this is currently being played at the Edge pool on Tuesday evenings. In the summer months this is likely to be moved on to the canal at Brentford. For further information on polo speak to Laura at the pool sessions or via the contact number listed below.


What time should I arrive for the Hammersmith Blades pool session on a Wednesday?

Our session starts at 8.45pm so it’s helpful to arrive around 8.30 to sign in and get ready to ensure you make the most of your hours session!



Can I paddle on the river Thames?

Anyone can come with us on the Thames our team of coaches will equip you with the appropriate equipment and skills so that you have an enjoyable time out on the river with us.


When do the Thames sessions start?

This year the Thames river sessions start on Thursday 18th April.


Where and when do I need to meet for the Thames sessions?

The meeting point for the Thames river sessions is at furnival Sculling club.



Do you offer private courses?

Most of our coaches are volunteer club members who give their time on a Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday for the simple fun of meeting new people and passing on their love of paddling. However, we do offer a rolling course for those who want to learn or improve their rolling in a controlled, limited number class. For more information you should contact one of the committee members.


What kit do you provide?

We have boats of a variety of different types, paddles, buoyancy aids and spray decks. We aim to provide basic to intermediate level kit so that members can try most aspects of paddlesport with the club kit, but as they get more specialised we encourage them to buy their own.

Can I store my own boat at the club?

We have limited boat storage and we prioritise the space for club boats. There is some space for members boats and these are offered at the discretion of the committee.


What do I need to take on my first club trip?

This will of course vary depending on what type of trip you are going on… is it a weekend trip or just a day trip?In terms of paddling kit, warm clothes are essential! Bring as many thermal base layers as you can, but avoid anything cotton as it is useless when it gets wet (and it will!) River or beach shoes (old trainers work), or neoprene socks are also useful as it offers protection from the cold and from any walking from the car to the river you have to do! You will also need a wetsuit (preferably a long john) and a helmet.If you don’t have all of the above – don’t panic! Ask around and 90% of the time we will be able to find things from somewhere.

Can I organise my own trip?

All members are encouraged to organise trips. So if there is a trip you would like to do and there is not one already being organised, then why not organise one yourself? If you need help then ask one of the more experienced members for suggestions, ideas or help. For inspiration, take a look at our Facebook page or website at where the club has been before.

If you need any more detailed information please don’t hesitate to email one of the committee.